As a former teacher and BVSD parent, Kitty has always been passionate about children. Her involvement with BVSD began in 1993, when her older daughter entered kindergarten, and lasted until 2012, when her younger daughter graduated from high school. During those years she was very involved at the school and district level. Kitty volunteered in the classroom and spent plenty of long nights helping her kids (and their friends) with homework and extracurricular activities.

Kitty and her daughter at Monarch K-8

After several years as a stay at home mom, Kitty attended graduate school, earned a Master of Social Work, and embarked on a career of child abuse prevention.  During that time she worked all over Boulder County teaching classes on mandatory reporting laws and sexual abuse prevention.

During graduate school Kitty also developed a strong interest in public policy and has volunteered at the State Capitol assisting lawmakers with education and healthcare related strategy.

Now Kitty is ready to serve and work for the families and students of the Boulder Valley School District.